Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Even if you don’t do any form of sport or exercise, everyday movements still put stresses on our body, which can, over time, lead to long-term issues.

A large proportion of people I treat have muscular problems brought on by work. Many people now spend hours sitting at a desk and over time this can cause muscles to become tight and shorten in length which can cause discomfort. Similar issues occur in manual workers due to the repetitive and overuse of muscles.

During the appointment you may be asked to remove necessary items of clothing if they are covering the area which needs to be assessed/ treated. Underwear will remain worn at all times. If you are coming for treatment to the upper back and plan to wear a sports bra, please make sure it has minimal straps on the back as this can make it hard to work around.

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage, so a lot of pressure is put on the muscles in order to treat them, which can be uncomfortable. The more tension your muscles are holding and the tighter they are, the more uncomfortable it is going to be as the tissue cannot be manipulated as easily. The more relaxed the muscle are, the less discomfort you will feel which highlights the need for regular stretching and massage.

However, a sports massage should never cause significant pain as this will cause your muscles to tense and therefore you will not feel the full benefit from the massage. Throughout the appointment you will be asked for feedback on the amount of pressure being applied, please be honest with how it is feeling!

Please contact your insurance provider directly to see if they will cover you for your sessions. Some providers will cover the services I offer as I am a member of The Society of Sports Therapists but this is all individual to the insurance provider.

Ideally Sports Massage should be used for injury prevention and general maintenance. This means that having a treatment weekly or once every few weeks is often more helpful than only having appointments once an injury has occurred. If this is not suitable we will discuss methods which can be carried out at home.

With regards to injuries, the amount of sessions needed will be discussed in your appointment as this will be dependent on the extent of your injury.

You may find that you encounter some tenderness or a ‘bruised feeling’ on the area that has been worked on. For some people this may last for only a day, others for up to a week, it is completely individual and not uncommon.



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